Ep 140: “Gumroad for Authors”

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Welcome to the 140th episode of The Author Hangout, a podcast designed to help authors, especially self-published and indie authors, with marketing their books and improving their author platform. Authors struggle with various aspects of marketing and we are here to help!

Gumroad for Authors

In this episode, we interviewed author Amy Young. She shared her journey to becoming an author, as well as her experience using Gumroad as an author, for selling your books but also using it to create additional income streams. Who doesn’t need that?

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“I’ll tell you, when I first wrote Looming Transitions, I thought it was a standalone book. I did not realize all of the potential products that could legitimately be spun off and than still be revenue streams for me. That was one of the reasons I contacted you wanting to do this interview, is I think too often as authors we haven’t been challenged enough to realize, even if you’re a fiction writer, if you’re a non-fiction writer, how can you take your first book and think of some spin off things that might not be merely books. Like PDFs or workbooks.”

“I’m thinking how am I going to get a physical product into someone’s hand, wherever. In Germany who buys it from the U.S., they’re not going to want to pay all of that shipping internationally. I was talking in my Mastermind group and someone said, “Gumroad.com is the best way to sell downloadable PDFs.” I’d never heard of it and I went out and explored. It turned out there are so many options with Gumroad for us as independent authors. To be able to do spinoff products on our books, upload them, and then sell them.”

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