Ep 102: “Audiobooks and Book Marketing”

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Welcome to the 102nd episode of The Author Hangout, a podcast designed to help authors, especially self-published and indie authors, with marketing their books and improving their author platform. Authors struggle with various aspects of marketing and we are here to help!

Audiobooks and Book Marketing

In this episode, we were joined by book marketer and audiobook narrator, Rye Taylor. He shared some great tips about how to get an audiobook created, what to look for in that process, the importance of having an audiobook and more. He also shared some fantastic marketing tips that work for both fiction and nonfiction authors.

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“I think the biggest struggle that most authors have is the focus at the marketing stage. They’ve labored over this novel or non-fiction and many expect that the world’s just going to take notice because of all their hard work. Unfortunately they don’t take a lot of action when it comes to the marketing stage, they’re just hoping that since they struggled through this process of … I’ve heard it related often to an author, their first book in particular is like having a baby.”

“I believe the market in Audible.com said there was something like a triple their income in a matter of just a year or two. I can’t remember the numbers, the statistics, but there’s been quite a bit of growth in that sector, so for authors not to do that, I think it’s really a travesty to their own book, because it opens up an audience that may not be able to read your book but they want to read your book, and the only way that they can do that if they have young kids for example, is to actually plug in their ear-buds while they’re doing other things like washing the dishes or going to the gym. They still want to read but they can’t sit down and take the time.”

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