How to Sell More Books through Radio Interview Publicity

how to sell more books through radio interview publicity

In this guest post, from the team at Radio Guest List, they share some great tips about how to use radio shows to get the word out about you and your books.

Want to sell more books? Do you enjoy talking about your book, how and why you wrote it, and how it can entertain or help people?
You’re ready to try free publicity interviews on radio shows and podcasts.

How to Get Booked on Talk Shows to Promote Your Book

Radio DJ’s, talk show hosts, and podcast producers need to fill their air time. If you can offer them credible, interesting discussion that keeps their audience tuned-in, you can likely get on the air to tell their audience about your book(s). Based on years of experience running, here are 9 steps that can help you get “on the air” for free publicity about your book.

Find Shows that Cover Your Topics

Browse Google, Twitter, or to find radio and podcast shows that book guest interviews with authors like you.

Pick an Angle

Show bookers are deluged with requests for interviews, so just asking for an interview won’t work. Try offering a specific story, topic, or “how to” discussion that can help the show’s listeners.
(Pro Tip: If you can tie your book into a hot current news trend, you’re more likely to get booked. “Newsjacking” like that is a great way to get the attention of busy producers and bookers.)

Send a Short, Friendly Interview Pitch

Write up your pitch with a focus on how that show’s listening audience can benefit from your interview and what they will learn.
(Pro Tip: Include an offer to promote the show and your appearance to your own social media audiences if they book you.)

Make Scheduling Easy for Them

Include your email address, phone number, Skype handle, and website address. Then be sure to respond quickly whenever a show producer contacts you. The news business moves fast!

Make the Interview Easy for Them

Once you’re booked, or even with your pitch email, send along a “one sheet” of your bio that includes a list of suggested questions. This will make the interview flow more easily and encourages the interviewer to discuss your book or your other favorite topics on the air.

Be a Great Guest

This means being interesting and entertaining with answers that are short and radio-friendly. Don’t talk just about your book. The host knows why you’re there and will get to that. Instead focus on having an interesting conversation that the show’s listeners will enjoy.

Help the DJ and Producers to Promote You and Your Book

Be sure to offer cover art, your headshot, and related media that the show can use to promote your appearance. Include your social media accounts and website links so they can add them to their “Show Notes”, too.

Follow up with Thanks and Promotion

Be sure to send a quick thank you email after every appearance. Make sure you detail how you are going to promote your interview on their show to your audiences, too. If the show went well, consider asking for referrals to other show hosts or even for a repeat booking, too.

Join the Free Interview Leads Service

Subscribing to the free “Guest Request” emails from will help you skip many of the steps above. Radio show hosts and podcast producers post requests for guests to interview there daily.

To get emails of the latest requests for guest expert interviews delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe to “Guest Requests” here.

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