Marketing Tools for Authors

marketing tools for authors

Marketing is something that many self-published authors struggle with. They are writers. They like to write and writing is in their wheelhouse.

That is not the case for marketing.

The thoughts self-published authors have on marketing go between a hatred for it, and a sense of “ugh” towards it, realizing they still need to market their books.

Our philosophy here at Book Marketing Tools is to help authors to market their books, and one of the ways we do that is providing tools for authors that help them to market their books more efficiently or get marketing education they may not get elsewhere. All of the tools and guides listed below are there to help you out.

Our Marketing Tools For Authors

Here are the tools and guides we have to help authors like you:

eBooks Submission Tool

Using a free promo to give your book a boost, add people to your mailing list, and reach more readers is still a viable tool. Unfortunately, submitting the same exact information to 30 sites manually is a pain. Not anymore. Our eBook Submission Tool allows you to submit to 30+ sites in just 5-10 minutes. How do we do this? You fill out one master form, and then our tool fills in the information for each site based on your information. Then, you just double-check everything is correct, and hit submit. Very easy, and very fast!

Click here to learn more about our eBook Submission Tool

Providing you a direct line to our growing list of readers, Reading Deals is one of our most popular marketing tools for authors. If you are running a free promotion or a bargain book promotion, then go to Reading Deals and submit your book promotion details. We have free and low-cost promotion options to help fit all budgets. Our readers love to receive deals in their inbox every day.

Promote your books on Reading Deals

FREE GUIDE: The Ultimate Author Checklist for Online Book Marketing

Are you unsure of what you should be doing to promote your books? Do you want to make sure you have done all you can? Our Ultimate Author Checklist will walk you through step by step of all of the things you should do before publishing your book, as you publish it, and after it has been published.

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The Author Hangout Podcast

Every week, we interview bestselling authors and other industry experts on topics such as marketing, publishing, writing, social media, and more! Learn from those who have blazed the trail before, and see what is working for authors right now. Over 15 hours of interviews available!

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Reading Deals Book Reviews

We know authors need reviews. Our readers love free books. We put these two things together and created a Review Club for authors to share their books, and our readers read the books and leave reviews of the books they read. It is a win-win for everyone!

Click here to learn more about Reading Deals Book Reviews

FREE GUIDE: Getting Reviews for your Book

Need some more reviews? Our free guide walks you through many different ways to get more reviews for your book. Some are easier than others, but all of them are great for authors like you.

Click here to get our free reviews guide.

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