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Self-publishing is booming and it is an exciting time for everyone involved, especially for authors who are now able to have more control over their work, publish immediately, and have an unprecendented access to a large amount of readers. While the publishing part of self-publishing is easy, that is only half of the equation. Your books are a business and if you want to sell more books, you need to market your books. Many authors are not marketers, and this is where we come in.

The goal behind Book Marketing Tools is to provide 3 main pillars that will help you with your business:

  • Tools,
  • Education,
  • Community.

We will design and provide tools that will equip you to become better marketers, we will gives you tips and knowledge that we have to help you to promote your books better, and we will provide a community so that you can learn from like-minded authors who are striving to sell more books and to engage with more readers.

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