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Have you set your book for free, whether on a semi-permanent or short-term basis, in order to get more exposure for your book or for your other books?

“Free” is a powerful marketing strategy, but you have to promote your book for it to be a success! Luckily, there are many sites that have readers who want to know about your free ebook, you just have to tell all of those sites.

Submitting your title, author name, free dates, genre, ASIN, etc. to 60+ sites takes HOURS of your time, and is extremely repetitive!


We have worked hard to significantly speed up free ebook submissions. What once took many hours, now only takes a matter of minutes!

Introducing the Book Marketing Tools eBook Submission Tool!

Watch this video to see how fast you can now submit your free ebook to ebook submission sites, then read about HOW we’re able to speed up the process.

Fast, right?

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How are you able to submit to sites so much faster now?

The entire process is so streamlined now… here are the major ways you are able to submit much faster!

  • Just one form to fill out! Previously, if you were going to submit to 30 sites, then you would have to fill out 30 forms, all with the same information: name, email, book title, ASIN, genre, etc. With our tool, you fill out just ONE master form!
  • We fill in the details for you! As each site loads, we take your information and it’s filled in automatically for each site, in the proper place. You just have to double-check, fill in any confirmations requested, and hit submit! No more copying and pasting. No more manual data entry labor. You have better things to do with the keyboard, like write a book!
  • Our site lists are up-to-date! Sure, other websites may boast lists of 100+ sites to submit your free book to, but most of those are out of date. Why waste your time submitting to a site that hasn’t posted a free book in 6 months? With our tool, you will only submit to active sites!
  • Everything in one interface! You no longer have to go from site to site. It’s all in the same interface. The next site to submit to is just a “Next” button away. We’ve even included a list of the sites we haven’t been able to connect to our system yet so that you can submit to those sites if you want!

Want to get started submitting?

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Start saving time today!

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