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Are you looking for some ways to promote your book that do not cost a lot of money? In this guest post, book promoter Catherine Townsend-Lyon shares some of the tips she uses for clients of hers.

“So, you are a brand new author and just released your first book. Now What?”

Many new authors seem to be promised the world on a silver platter when a publisher is courting them to publish their books with them, and as a new author you are so excited about your book being out in the world, you don’t remember half of what the publisher has offered you. I hear all the time from my book promoting clients how they were verbally promised everything under the sun including promoting their book. Sadly, if you don’t get it in writing in your publishing contractor agreement? Authors are holding the bag of promoting your books and at your expense! And you just broke the bank already with all your publishing costs.

Now that you have spent most of your budget on publishing costs, you also have no idea how or where to promote your books. Well, I am here to help you do that and more. I am Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon, owner of Lyon Book Promotions. It is why I started my online book promotion business. I wanted to help new and seasoned authors learn how and where to promote their books for free or at very low cost! But first we need to know a little of the differences between say a Literary agent, Literary publicist, and Book promoter.

Literary Publicist: A person who publicizes, especially a press agent or public-relations consultant. an expert in current or public affairs. An expert in public or international law.

Literary Agent: A person who represents writers and their written works to publishers, theatrical producers, film producers and film studios, and assists in the sale and deal negotiation of the same.

Literary Book Promoter: A person who promotes, especially an active supporter or advocate or paid publicity organizer to promote one’s work.

Now that we know the differences, I promote clients books and their social media sites so readers can not only read their books, but it is important for an author to interact and engage with the readers as well. That helps current and future book sales and gain book reviews. So here are a few of my “go to book promo sites” every author should know about. Again, many book promotion listing sites will let you list your books for free, and submit a free Author Interviews. They will also share many other book sites with authors on their sites too. Many will also offer low-cost advertising book ads so you can build your readership. Here we go!

My #1 choice right now is the fine folks at Awesome Gang. You can list your books and submit an author interview for free. They offer you a guarantee listing for a charge? But all my clients books were accepted under the free option. It just may take them a few days to your listing up on the site. The also have a fantastic Facebook Readers Club you can join, then you will see your book being promoted.

Then when you are done listing go to this free promotions link: Other Free Book Promotions and Sites. They share a list of other book promo sites to go list your books for free. That is why I use them and refer many clients to them as well.

My next “go to” book promo listing site has a unique reader base as Gary offers more than just good books and fine authors. Readers Gazette has a lot more for the whole family. And that is why their readership reach is far and wide. They have games, puzzles, quiz’s and of course, many wonderful new books to read! But for the author? They offer many low-cost and free options for book ads. Gary has made the process of listing your books for free simple and in one step when you visit his web site. You use your Facebook page, login and it does the set up for authors here: Readers Gazette.

Now my last “go to” book promo web site: Book Goodies… they are also free to submit your book, and they have free submit an Author Interview option. The offer many different low-cost book ads to advertise your books to there large readership, subscribers and share throughout all their many social media sites. Debbie does a great job to help new and seasoned authors get the best reach for readers to know your books are released.

When you go visit if your an author? Always start at “Authors Start Here” tab and follow the instructions to get the most help from their book listing site. One thing I really like about Book Goodies? They have a podcasts too: Book Goodies Author Podcasts. They to are generous as they have many book promo sites they run and share a fantastic list of other free and low-cost book sites for authors to visit and list all your books Book Goodies Network.

So authors, go take a to visit these fine book promoting sites and list your books so readers can find them, and enjoy the hard work you put into craft as a writer. Readers, go visit and find fabulous reads and book bargain’s too.

Catherine is the best selling TKG publishing author of her shocking book, Addicted To Dimes, available on Amazon. Also a contributing freelance recovery writer for Addicted Minds, an expert blogger of gambling addiction on Addictionland, and a new writer/columnist for In Recovery Magazine. Another passion is running her Book Promotions business called, Lyon Book and Social Media Promotions. Catherine has fast become well known in many addiction and recovery communities, and in book promotion & reader communities. She has a large following on social media. You connect with Catherine on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and LinkedIn.

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