7 Tools That Will Make an Author a Periscope Rock Star

7 tools that will make an author a periscope rock star

Periscope, the live video streaming app for smartphones, allows you to literally see the world through the eyes of someone else. It is primarily used for brands and industry experts to share quick tips and stream live events. If you are an author or a DIY marketer, don’t just stop promoting your content at the conclusion of your Periscope. Repurpose, repurpose, and repurpose that video! With a little planning and a lot of follow through, you can become a Periscope Rock Star. The planning stage is critical, especially if you want to get the greatest benefit from the time and effort you invest in doing a Periscope.

First do your homework by studying some Periscope Rock Stars like Alex Pettitt, Alex Khan, Kim Garst, Ryan Steinolfson and PeriGirls founder, Joanne Pham. Come up with a scoping strategy that best fits your target audience. Focus on establishing the time period you will conduct your scope, how you will conduct your scope and the place where you will conduct your scope.  Then develop a template for the script you will use for your actual broadcast. Again the idea is to repurpose everything you use to save you time and effort and to expand your “brandwidth” on other social media platforms. Working smarter, not harder is your ultimate goal.

Here are 7 tools that you can use that will help you do that:

Buffer: Pre-promote your broadcasts with Buffer.  You can program Buffer to share your content at the best possible times throughout the day that best reach your targeted audience.  Your followers, connections, and fans see your updates on a more consistent basis. It also allows you to re-post your content for anyone who has missed your Periscope.

Katch.me: If you want to keep your broadcasts for an extended period of time, use Katch. Periscope broadcasts expire after 24 hours, but Katch will save them for you indefinitely. It’s an easy and convenient way to keep your videos without using up all your smartphone’s memory.

Fullscope.tv: Want to know how your Periscopes are doing? Get Fullscope! It’s an analytics and marketing software that gives you detailed insights from your Periscope Broadcasts. Find out what your audience wants and market to those who adore you with follow-up tweets on Twitter or a pleasant “thank you.”

Scoperchat: Scoperchat is similar to Fullscope, but it’s actually live. It’s in its beta phase, but you can check it out now by typing in the keyword, “Gorilla.” You literally can copy and paste in any broadcast link and see all the comments, hearts, and profile photos of your active viewers.

iMovie: If you are a Mac lover, iMovie can assist you with editing your Periscope video for repurposing. It’s user-friendly and gives you tons of processing options so that you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Movie Maker: Windows Live Movie Maker can help you turn your Periscope video into a great-looking movie that you can share with your audience. The best thing is the price, it’s free.

YouTube: For avid Periscopers, YouTube has multiple purposes. You can set up a YouTube channel for your followers to have access to your videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. YouTube’s video editor can also help you edit your Periscope videos. It’s so easy, even your grandmother can do it. You can also trim clips or remix videos.

Live streaming has opened a brand new world for authors and DIY marketers. Remember to repurpose, that “practice makes perfect.,” and you will be well on your way to becoming a Periscope Rock Star.

Sharon C. Jenkins, The Literary Midwife, is a serial “authorpreneur” and a consummate entrepreneur.  Her main mission in life is to help authors and small businesses increase their “brandwidth” and to successfully pursue their passion for writing excellence.

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