5 Ways to Make Your Book Irresistible to Readers

5 ways to make your book irresitible to readers

With so many authors publishing new books every single day, you need to make your book stand out in order to reach with readers.

Here are 5 ways that you can make your book irresistible.

1) Bold Cover

With endless design possibilities, thousands of designers, thousands of royalty-free image websites, creating a cover that stands out from the crowd can be overwhelming. All you can do is make sure the cover is relative to the book. Just kidding! Do make the book’s cover blend with the book, but here are a few tricks to make it stand out:

  • fancy but professional font
  • colors that compliment each other
  • colors that are very bright or very dark. No beige!
  • interesting layout
  • add texture
  • mesh images together (for example, the protagonist blurred over the image of a castle in the background)
  • reviews to give the book credit
  • a short, suspenseful sentence

2) New Concept

In a world full of remakes and overdone ideas, an original concept is worshipped. The first of its kind receives great praise. People love to read something new and unusual, to break from the norm. Do you have an idea that’s maybe a little edgy and controversial? Write it! Don’t hesitate for a second. Think how Harry Potter changed the world of the supernatural. Or how Dan Brown changed the world of historical, suspense novels.

3) Level of Relation

Readers love a level of relation. By that, I mean create characters or situations that people can relate too, either by empathy or sympathy. Or, even if they haven’t experienced anything the characters are going through, make it so vivid that they can imagine how it would feel to be in their shoes. They can relate to the circumstances.

4) Great Price (Offer)

There are so many tricks when it comes to pricing your novel from a marketing perspective. Do you make the pre-order really cheap, practically compelling a pre-order sale? Or do you leave a cheap price for when the book is live? Do you run a discount offer? Or, do you have a permanently low price? Personally, I price my books anywhere from 99 cents to 2.99. This is competitive against other authors who write in my genre. I also advise my clients do the same when I run marketing campaigns for them.

5) Build Credibility

We touched on this slightly in 1) but there are many ways you can build credibility for your book.

  • customer reviews
  • reviews from reputable authors
  • bestselling logo
  • award-winning status
  • reviews from magazines or other publications that are trusted in your genre

I hope this helps and readers gobble up your book!

Wesley Thomas is a bestselling horror author, owner of Wesley’s Author Promo Service, head of marketing for a UK firm, and works as a freelance writer for several websites. He loves reading, painting, fitness, movies, traveling, good food, and spending time with his family & friends. Authors, sign up for his monthly writing and marketing tips here.

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