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Tons and Tons of Stats

KDP only shows a running count for month to date stats, and it shows confusing weekly summaries. As authors ourselves, the lack of in-depth stats was frustrating to us. We here at Book Marketing Tools are taking these stats to a whole new level & bringing you new stats all in one place!

We track your sales, earnings, borrows, and freebies day-by-day! We also track your books overall sales rank, category sales ranks, and we also track where your book shows up in the Amazon search results for custom keywords! Plus, we provide graphs for all of these stats so you can visually see your stats!

Works On All Devices

The Book Marketing Tools stats dashboard works on your PC or Mac, as well as on all tablets, smartphones, and any device that has a web browser!

That way, whether you are on the go and you only have your phone available, or if you are sitting on the couch using your iPad, you can get all of your book sales and earnings stats without the need to download any special apps!

So, once you are signed up, just browse to BookMarketingTools.com and login from whatever device you are on, to see all of our graphs and stats perfectly formatted for every device!

Track Your Marketing Events

What good is planning promotions and running them if you can't tell if there is a difference in sales or not, from that specific promotion?

The Book Marketing Tools dashboard features a "Marketing Events" section where you can add an event & see a graph from 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the event to see if you really did sell more and make more money because of the event or promotion, for one, many, or all of your books!

Now you can be armed with the information you need to make smart marketing decisions for your books!

Get Daily Earnings Reports

Are you too busy writing and marketing to check stats all day? That's a good spot to be in! While stats are helpful, they can be a time-drain! Here at Book Marketing Tools, we understand that and we have a solution for you!

When you have a dashboard account, we will send you a daily email with a summary of your sales and earnings, as well as a breakdown of your sales and earnings per book. We will even provide the sales rank of each book for you!

We also send weekly and monthly reports so you can get a summary of your stats goodness for a larger time period right in your email inbox!

We Are Actively Updating The Dashboard

While we think the stats dashboard is awesome as it is right now, we are not going to rest on our laurels. The Book Marketing Tools team is actively coming up with great (and wacky) ideas. As we dial in those ideas, we will be adding them to the dashboard to make it even better than it is right now! Cool, huh?

Plus, we know that you may have awesome ideas for how to further improve the dashboard, and we are open to feedback from our customers and we want to make this the best author tool possible!

Earn Money As An Affiliate

Once you dive into the dashboard and begin enjoying all of the awesome features and innovative stats displays, you will want to tell your author friends! Guess what? You can make money telling your friends about the dashboard!

For every person that you refer to the dashboard, you will earn $5 a month for every month that they are a dashboard customer!

That money will definitely add up, and is yet another way that Book Marketing Tools is working hard to help authors earn more money!

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